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Discover more about the unique energetic imprint you were born with in this lifetime. 

Through the tool of Sacred Astrology,  I will highlight your innate gifts, your Soul's purpose, your relationship to love, family, money, and much more. 

Learn how the current cosmic transits are specifically impacting you and how you can work with them.

free 15-min call

Hop on a call with me with a simple intention in mind!

I will create a combination of practices specifically tailored to you and your needs.

energetic and movement practices

Using the infinite intelligence of our body, mind, and soul working together we bring back alignment and clarity to our system. 

Available for 1:1s, group classes, retreats

Experience it for yourself 

(best experienced through the body)

personal development

Unlock the potential that lies within yourself. 

Learn how to embrace all of who you are.

Let go of conditioning and limitations.

Learn how to work with the Universal Laws, your Subconscious, and create life exactly how you want it to be.

not sure where to start? Let me know

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"Sophie's positive energy is engaging and contagious, and her ability to make you feel at ease makes this practice unique. To anyone who wants to experience something different than usual, I highly recommend trusting and following Sophie's dynamic and expert guidance." 
about the masterclass Energia in Movimento
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